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Take It Off Towel – Mini Twin Pack


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Removes all traces of makeup with just warm water.

Take It Off makeup removal towels are made from the finest threads of polyester, where each thread is one hundred times thinner than a human hair. When woven together, they create a surface area significantly larger than that of traditional fibres, allowing them to attach themselves to the most microscopic specks of dirts and oils, and absorb them gently from your skin.


 Take It Off towels are gentle on your complexion, eliminating the need to apply harsh chemicals that irritate your skin.

Our towels provide an eco-friendly method of removing makeup, reducing waste and chemicals going into our waterways. They are reusable and if they are well looked after, can last you years!

They are cost effective as they are reusable and you are saving money not needing to replace removal lotions and wipes.

You will find our towels are so effective in taking waterproof and smear-proof formulas off your skin, so say goodbye to stubborn residue that was once left behind.


Machine wash your towel separately before first use. 
To use – Simply wet the towel with warm water. Gently massage face and neck in circular motions – being extra careful around the eyes.
Rinse and repeat if necessary to ensure all makeup is removed. Follow with skincare products afterwards. 

What is the best way to wash and look after my towel?
Your towel can be machine washed with your regular dark loads of laundry. They do not need to be washed every time after use. You may choose to rinse it with hot water and hang it to dry as opposed to machine washing it each time. 
We recommend machine washing your towel in a delicates wash bag.
Towels can be air dried or popped into the dryer!
As you would with new towels or regular flannels, we recommend washing your towel before first use.
Avoid chlorine bleach as it reduces the life of your towel by damaging and weakening the fibers.


2 x Towels

Colour: Black

6″x6″ (15cm x 15cm)

100% polyester