DMK Enzyme therapy treatments are designed to rebuild the skin’s core strength to make it healthier and more vibrant.

Enzyme therapy enhances optimal skin functioning by working with internal systems to increase lymphatic drainage and circulation, delivering extensive amounts of oxygenated blood and nutrients to the skin cells. Reverse osmosis flushes through the cells helping to clear toxins, waste, and free radicals, increasing free water levels leaving the skin bouncy and youthful. Enzyme Therapy stimulates collagen production, restoring structural integrity back to the skin whilst being suitable for a wide range of conditions such as ageing skin, sun damage, congestion, acne, rosacea and pigmentation.

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Signature DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment + Skin Consultation
Signature DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment
Advanced Signature DMK Enzyme Therapy
Muscle Banding Enzyme Therapy Treatment
Instant Lift Treatment
Add on to Enzyme Treatment: MediPedi
Add on – LED Light
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